Saturday, April 18, 2015

All that sun!

In thinking about our next vacation, the trip planner realized that our jet lag/disorientation will be very strange. We'll leave NYC at 9:30pm, arrive in Stockholm just more than 8 hours later and then another 1.5 hours to Tromso (8:30pm local time), but however we may feel it's going to be sunlight. And then more day, and more day, and more day, and never a dark night to help us start to stabilize our internal clocks. We wonder how weird it will feel, and how it'll affect our jet lag?

Where we'll be, the sun never sets. Midnight sun. Although we're going to Copenhagen for a bit and Stockholm for an even littler bit, the bulk of our time will be spent 350km north of the ARCTIC CIRCLE (and only 2,200 km south of the North Pole!). Tromso is the second-largest city north of the Arctic Circle, no less. Here's the circle:

See Tromso in Norway (the blue country at the bottom)? It's almost at the next latitude in.

There it is.

May 17 is their national Constitution Day, and we found two adorable videos of the parade in Tromso.

This one has music by the Foo Fighters.

This one is less slick and features more
townspeople in various kinds of dress

Counting weeks at this point.....canNOT WAIT. Here is the Tromso fjord:

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